Monday, February 20, 2017

RPiTC v3 1.12 release available

Please use the forum for question/request/help. We will not read or reply to the comments on the blog, we are lazy af :)

RPiTC 3 1.12:
- Kernel update 4.4.48
- Citrix Receiver 13.4.2
- VMWare Horizon 4.3
- NoMachine 5.2.11
- Virt-viewer/Spice 5.0 (Debian repo)
- FreeRDP rebuilded from git 2017-02-20
- Suite3270 3.5ga10 (IBM terminal)

- USB Automount
- fbturbo hw cursor
- dfreerdp: added apt prefs to avoid update from Debian repos
- Citrix client libcurl dependencies fixed

Virt-Viewer/Spice client:
- the Debian repo is now updated to the last version of virt-viewer, this include oVirt support. So we migrated to a more-easy to mantain package.

- All the script files, third party binaries, libraries, confs, startup videos and images are located in the /opt folder.
- Default OS come with: Firefox, SSH Server, VNC Server, Docky and Conky.
- Default user/pass: rpitc/rpitc and root/rpitc
- Use the RPiTC Builder tool to install/remove the TC-related packages

- xz compressed image: (343Mb)
- zip compressed image: (466Mb)


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